Welcome to the Menhennick  Genealogy web site. The Database holds the family history of John Menhenick, from about 1680AD including the family at Burnier, Egloshayle and from the parish of St Kew.  It includes varieties of the name including;



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Thank you for visiting my site, I hope it is of use to you.  Feel free to contact me if you are related to any of my Menhennick lines, or can tell me where I have made an error which needs correcting.   You can also contact me with any problems that you have found in the operation of the database


Previous visitors will recognise the look of the site which is based upon my previous combined site, however I have completely reorganised it to use the PhpGedView database. The old RetrospectGDS and hard coded html pages have all been replaced. I hope you find the new features of the site useful. The data is much the same, but I have continued in the improvement of the source documentation. Recent changes to the site are listed on the front page of PhpGedView.

Genealogical research is often built on others, I would like to thank the late Celia Millman and members of my close family, particularly Helen Scott and Christine Young for their contributions to this combined work.


If you wish to see more of the detail of how the particular families in this family interact with others, or wish to explore one of the lines that are not the main part of this family line please click on the GENEALOGY ON OZWEBGENEALOGY item in the menu.